Top 5 Blogs For Quiet Days

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Jan 22, 2013

Ever since the new year started I have not gone back to my usual 50 blogs a day (seriously) reading list. I get overwhelmed when I see a blog has posted multiple times in the same day. I just don’t have time to be reading them like I used to. However, there are a handful of blogs that I stop and read no matter what is going on. I get delighted when I see them in my feed.

I wanted to share 5 of my top favorites that always keep me coming back for more. These ones in particular share a common aesthetic—lovely photographs with just a paragraph (or less) of writing. These blogs might not be new to you, but I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.

Pencil Box—Katie blogs about her sweet family life in Ohio. I love love LOVE her photographs. She always wraps up her short posts with some touching, encouraging words. I am always in a good mood after reading her blog.

Traveling Mama—Tina and her family are expats living in Denmark. They live the ultimate beautiful Scandinavian life, or at least that’s what her photos convey. Lots of soft white light and a sentence or two about something she’s been thinking about. Tina’s blog is such a breath of fresh air.

Bluebird—Another “mommy blog” with gorgeous photos. I love Miss James’ great taste, and her adorable kids. She has style and charm, but always puts her dear family first. I love getting a peak into their lives.

Saipua—Sarah is a flower farmer and owner of Saipua Soap & Flowers in Brooklyn, NY. Her photos are breathtaking—simple and dark. They look more like still life paintings. But what I love most about this blog is Sarah’s brilliant sense of humor and candor. She’s not afraid to tell you she’s had a horrible day, and that’s refreshing.

Brick House—Here we go again with beautiful images, but this time their of interiors (and puppies)! Morgan is hilarious, and I am beyond jealous of her amazing home. Stop by the Brick House for Southwest home decor inspiration, and some biting sarcasm.

Those are my top 5 blogs for quiet day reading. Which blogs you gravitate toward? Do you prefer lots of photos and little writing, like I tend to?

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3 Responses to “Top 5 Blogs For Quiet Days”

  1. Ciera says:

    dang, I need to organize my reader like yours!

  2. i like lots of pix too, just b/c i read a lot of blogs. alot!