Winter Decor // Non-Holiday Specific

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Jan 17, 2013

My mom decorates for every holiday. Our attic is filled with boxes labled “Halloween”, “Valentine’s Day”, and there’s a whole corner devoted to “Christmas”. I think growing up like this has prompted the opposite response to decorating my own home. Instead of changing things every month, I prefer to keep my home seasonal, changing the bedspread to a light quilt in the summer, and filling the house with flowers in the spring.

For winter I scattered evergreens, pinecones and white candles on tables to bring the feeling of snowy woods into my Southern California bungalow. And I think it worked! This has been quite a cozy winter. The best part is that this cozy, homey feel can stick around until the temperatures start to rise.

What about you? Do you celebrate the holidays or the seasons, or maybe a bit of both?

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One Response to “Winter Decor // Non-Holiday Specific”

  1. melissa says:

    i LOVE decorating for christmas and fall. i was just thinking how i wish i had more decorations for valentines day and other, smaller holidays :) isn’t it interesting how we react so much to how we were raised?