Flips Audio // Headphones for the Office and a Craft Party

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Jul 09, 2013

Flips Audio sent me some headphones to try, but these aren’t just ordinary headphones. They actually flip from personal, on your ears headphones, to party speakers! Pretty cool huh? So I tried them out in both situations—in my home office and crafting around the kitchen table with my bridesmaids.

Tshirt   //   Shorts   //   Dress

For those of you who don’t know, I share my home office with my fiancé. We actually work well together, but we never agree on the same music. Headphones really help so I always keep some by my desk. And by the way, this is the exact outfit I wear in my office… I love that shirt.

I plugged the Flips into my phone when my bridesmaids came over to craft (remember this list?). We listened to my Summer Daze Mix Tape and gold leafed terra cotta pots while drinking wine smoothies… Oh yes, wine smoothies. More on those later… first the Flips.

I really like these headphones. They come in a compact zippered case so I can always find them, they’re comfortable, and I like that they’re always ready to party. I bet they would be great for travel too… watching a movie on your iPad in the airport by yourself, or with a whole group!

You can get $10 off your own pair of Flips Audio headphones (plus FREE shipping) by going here and checking out with this code: FA0010INT until July 16.

Full Disclosure *** This is a sponsored post. I recieved a free pair of headphones for an honest product review.

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  1. Krista says:

    Such a cool idea!!