A First Timer’s Las Vegas Experience – Pure Spectacle & Amazement

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Feb 18, 2014

Matt surprised me with tickets to see Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day! I wasn’t expecting anything (we don’t usually get into that into holiday) so I was really excited. I had never been to Las Vegas before. It just never happened I guess, and I wasn’t that interested in it to be honest. I don’t enjoy gambling, and although I love to dance, clubs can be overwhelming. So Matt and I booked a hotel room at Treasure Island, and set out for a super short, laid-back trip to Vegas. We left last Friday morning and only stayed for one night.

When we arrived it immediately reminded me of Times Square in New York. Lots of big flashy signs vying for our attention. Lots and lots of tourists, and corporate insignias everywhere you look. Not really my thing. Not really what I go looking for in a place to vacation at all. And then we walked through some of the casinos… Ugh… I hate walking through casinos. Smokey, dirty, flashy, noisy, crowded… I get panicky and claustrophobic with those low ceilings, recycled air and no end in sight.

So we settled for some chain restaurant Mexican food for lunch, and then walked back to the hotel. I decided to take a nap and Matt went down to play Roulette. I probably would have lounged poolside, but the weather was a bit too chilly for that. By the time I woke up, the sun had set, and the lights on the strip from our 36th story VIP hotel room (they upgraded us for free!) was very impressive. It gave me a boost of energy as we got ready for our show.

A First Timer's Las Vegas Experience - Pure Spectacle & Amazement(my instragrams from top left: the Bellagio, the view of the strip from our hotel window, inspiring installation outside the LOVE show at the Mirage, amazing neon at the Flamingo)

We walked next door to The Mirage and grabbed a drink at a Beatles themed bar inside. And I don’t know what happened, but I started to “get it”. There’s something magical about Vegas at night. The lights, the sounds, the crowds… everything that was slightly irksome during the daylight, became absolutely wonderful at night. And then LOVE was amazing. Just amazing. I was actually emotional during a couple of the performances. It’s hard to explain, but if you’ve grown up with The Beatles like I have, hearing their music played in a concert setting is really moving.

From there we changed into more comfortable clothes and walked the entire length of the strip. Seriously. Stopping for drinks and hot dogs along the way. Matt wanted to check out the Luxor, so why not!? If you’re not familiar with the Las Vegas Strip, Treasure Island and the Luxor are about 2 miles apart as the crow flies… but of course you can’t actually walk that straight down the street… So we ended up walking 10+ miles (according to my pedometer).

Here’s the other thing… the show started at 9:30pm and ended around 11:30. So at 11:30pm we decided to walk about 10 miles. But it felt like 8:00! I’ve never been in a place that literally never stops. We didn’t get back to our hotel until 2:30am and all we did was walk around!

I was completely amazed by the spectacle of the entire place. It’s so over the top. The design, the architecture, everything is big and bright and flashing. I ended up loving it for that fact alone and can’t wait to go back. Maybe during a warmer time of year so I can enjoy some of the famous pools.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Do you love it? Hate it? Was your experience anything like mine?

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