Making a home cosy and comfortable can be a difficult task. With busy schedules, expensive prices and little to no inspiration, aside from enviable homes on Pinterest that look like they have just stepped out of a magazine.

I don’t believe that decorating with cute little pieces has to be expensive, all you need is a little inspiration, a good idea of what you want and an open mind. Also, make sure you visit my article that’s all about making your home feel cosy inexpensively.

Recently, I have been decorating my home and thought I would share with all of my wonderful readers a  few pieces that I had fallen in love with.

1.This Kate Aspen vintage blue lantern is a beautiful piece that can be perched on any shelf, next to a fireplace, beside the TV or even in the bathroom. Add a little tealight and watch as it illuminates the room through this vintage lantern. I love the rustic blue colouring and the homely vibe it gives to any room.

2. When I saw this beautiful blue/green silent and modern wall clock I knew it had to be mine. It comes in a variety of colours but the bluey green shade has to be my favourite, use it to brighten up the kitchen, a bedroom or even the living room. I think it adds a beautiful summery feel to any home and it’s also silent so you don’t hear that annoying ticking noise whenever its quiet.


3. I had to include these cute cacti tealight candles. I see them sitting on my office desk and even scattered around the house, I probably would never ever light them because they are just so cute but they really add something to a plain and boring room (they also look really realistic).


4. To make my home smell nice I light candles, open windows and keep on top of the cleaning as much as possible but this wonderful aromatherapy diffuser/ humidifier is out of this world. It seeps gorgeous fragrances into the air and makes every room smell divine.


5. For those who want to give their home a little beach vibe, I love this little ‘Beach’ word sign. I would put mine on top of my bathroom cabinet as I love having a chilled out, beach house vibe themed bathroom.


6. Although fall only lasts for so long, I feel that these cotton linen maple leaf cushions could stay on a lone armchair/sofa all year long. If they go along with your colour scheme, these cushions are so quirky and make a room so cosy when there’s a candle lit, a blanket around you and a hot chocolate on the way.


7. Different sized and shaped  Square wood shelves are so fashionable right now. Add two cute books to the top shelf, some of the cacti candles I mentioned before on the second and a little clock or photograph to the third to really bring these together.


8. Vintage anything makes me excited but especially vintage advertisements. When I found this Vintage bath advertisementI knew it would be a hit in my home and any trendy home.



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