Oct 31, 2013

Well it’s happened again. It seems we will be going to a party tonight and not watching a scary movie and handing out candy as I had hoped. Time to throw together a last-minute costume!

But if you are staying in, here are my top 8 classic horror film picks along with their original trailers.

1. Wait Until Dark // Less of a horror film, and more of a thriller, this Audrey Hepburn movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. The Shinning // I remember being completely freaked out watching this in middle school. Might be time for a re-watch.

3. Rosemary’s Baby // Lots of creepiness in this old movie. I always find any horror plot around kids and babies extra scary.

4. Silence of the Lambs // I remember my dad had this VHS and I thought the cover was so pretty and I watched it when my parents were out of the house. Bad idea.

5. The Exorcist  // My mom and I watched this one Halloween a few years ago. It’s not as scary now because the visual effects look so fake, but imagine watching this in 1973!

6. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? // This twisted story about 2 sisters isn’t really a horror film, but is still pretty effed up.

7. Psycho // Probably the most notorious horror films of all time. And have you seen the recent movie Hitchcock all about the making of the film? Super interesting.

8. Carrie // True story: I had a slumber party for my 13th birthday, and we watched this movie! Debating whether to see the new one or not.

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I was delighted to see so many fall basics in the sale section of the J. Crew Factory website. Real good stuff. Here are a few things I’m particularly coveting right now. Would make a nice outfit all together, don’t you think? I might just have to get them all…

No. 1) Factory Tailored Boy Blazer   //   No. 2) Factory Gold-Plated Chainlink Necklace   //   No. 3) Factory Clare Cardigan in Scattered Dot   //   No. 4) Factory Straight and Narrow Cord   //   No. 5) Factory Two-Pocket Chambray Shirt   //   No. 6) Factory Waffle Infinity Scarf   //   No. 7) Factory Anja Printed Cap Toe Ballet Flats

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Oct 03, 2013

I have a pretty big sweet tooth. Especially during one particular week every month, if you know what I mean. But now that we’ve transitioning to Paleo eating, I’ve had to adjust my baking. Thankfully Paleo is such a big trend these days, I’ve had a really easy time finding acceptable recipes for all my craving. My favorite find so far are the amazing Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies by The Food Lover’s Kitchen (pictured below). I’ve made them twice now and everyone loves them.

But I’ve been pinning some other sweet recipes over on my Paleo Eats pinboard for reference come the holidays… or you know, whenever that craving hits. Here are some autumn inspired recipes I’ve found and want to try soon.

No. 1 // Raw Vegan Cheesecake from The Spring blog

No. 2 // Paleo Pumpkin, Coconut, and Maple Custard Cups from Nom Nom Paleo

No. 3 // Sugar Detox Cinnamon Sweet Potato Ice Cream with Toasted Walnuts from PaleOMG

No. 4 // Chunky Monkey “Ice Cream” Bon Bons from Nom Nom Paleo

No. 5 // Grain-free and Refined Sugar-free Coffee Cake from The Nourishing Gourmet

No. 6 // Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Fluffy Marshmallow Frosting by Elana’s Pantry via Babble

No. 7 // Plaeo Lemon Slice from Mammoth Kitchen

No. 8 // Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Cookies from The City Sage

Do you have a go-to Paleo or gluten-free dessert recipe you love? Please share!

Sep 12, 2013

For the past week I’ve been working on-site at one of my client’s offices. We’re working on a new project with a tight deadline, so it’s easier if we’re all in the same place. I like the change from my home office, but I noticed I really don’t have a good laptop bag solution.

Currently my laptop bag doesn’t carry much other than a laptop, and all those work supplies I listed earlier this week. I also have to bring my power supply and some paper work. The bag is super heavy and I still have my purse and lunch bag! Not to mention a water bottle and sweater.

So I’ve been shopping for a new solution. What I really need is a small zippered pouch I can use as my purse that will tuck neatly inside my laptop bag and remove when I go to lunch. Ideally I could also fit a water bottle and sweater on top of all my work essentials. And of course this bag must be stylish, not too big and not super obvious that I have an expensive computer in there.

Thankfully I’ve already found several options on Etsy! Here are my top 5 picks so far… What do you think?

No. 1   //   No. 2   //   No. 3   //   No. 4    //   No. 5

I’m leaning toward the chic multipurpose (No. 4) or the classic leather crossbody (No. 5). Of course, I’ll probably be working from home after this week and won’t need to tote around so much.

Do you have a laptop bag or big tote that you love?

I’ve posted at length about my love for cold, wet, gloomy days and the fall season in general. It’s been in the 90’s (or higher!) the past week here in LA, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cool down any time soon—It’s supposed to be 102 tomorrow! Kill me now…

The only thing I can do is crank up the AC and look at coats and boots online. And so that’s exactly what I did.

Behold—the clothes I would wear everyday if I wouldn’t die of heat exhaustion:

No. 1   //   No. 2   //   No. 3   //   No. 4   //   No. 5   //   No. 6   //   No. 7

The funny thing is that this list is pretty reasonable most of the year here. Definitely for fall, winter and early spring. So I guess I just want things to go back to normal.

P.S. Only got a tumblr link for those boots. If you have the original source, please share!

I got a lot of sexy stuff at my bridal shower, and I loved it! I tend to buy my friends lingerie (or at least some cute undies and a nightgown) for their bridal showers, and I was so happy to receive the same from my family and friends. I’ve found it’s a tricky thing to try and buy for yourself.

Now that I’ve been married for a whole 2 weeks, I have a couple pointers I thought I’d share today. Below is my “Bridal Lingerie Wardrobe Must Have List”.

1) Sexy Wow Factor // Boom. Bam. In your face. Make his jaw drop. Enough said. (Stella McCartney Gisele Charming Underwire Bra)

2) Something to Sleep In // This is a commonly overlooked item! Sexy lingerie isn’t the most comfortable thing to wear all night. And if everything goes as planned, you don’t actually wear it for long in the first place… *cough*… so you need something comfortable and cool to change into for the night. I personally love silky shorts. (Stella McCartney Camille Cooling Shorts)

3 & 4) Girly, Flirty, Lacy & Pink! // I have a thing for hot pink undies… the frillier and girlier the better. I don’t really express that part of myself on the outside of my wardrobe, so I make up for it underneath. If pink and lacy isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Just make sure you have some pretty under things to wear. It makes all the difference. (Stella McCartney Gisele Charming BoylegEberjey Jade Lace Bikini)

5) Comfy Go-To Nightie // These are lifesavers. I am so grateful to my friend who supplied me with some of these light, comfy, throw-on nighties. They’re still pretty sexy too! (Princess Tam Tam Jewel Chemise)

6) An Elegant Wrap // For when you’re getting ready for bed and night, or ready for work in the morning. Of if you’re like me, for covering yourself up when the UPS guy knocks at 9am. (La Perla Studio Balletto Robe)

7) Soft, Light & Demure // We can’t be the glam-pot, sex kitten all the time. Sometimes we just want to feel light and pretty. These kinds of bras are actually much more comfortable than they look, and still offer great support and coverage. (Lonely Grace Soft Cup Bra)

I hope this list helps you shop for yourself or for a friend or family member. All the products listed above are from one of my favorite online lingerie resources Journelle. A bit on the pricey side, but you only get married once!

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Summer here from More Design Please. For those of you who may have recently caught the travel bug, here’s a list of my personal favorite carry-on essentials…

1.  Gum and mints. This is a MUST have. You just never know who you’re gonna sit next to on a plane! Stuck next to a stranger with funky breath? Offer ‘em some gum! Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to score the seat next to a total stud. Good thing you’ve got mints to cover up that peanut breath! phew!

2. Cosmetic Bag. Ladies, we all know why this is essential. Nobody looks good after a long plane ride. Your mirror and brush will come in handy at the end of your long ride.

3. Lip Balm Carrier. Clip it on your bag for easy access… No chapped lips for you!

4. Travel Tote. The bigger the better! It’s another piece of luggage after all.. and you won’t have to pay to check it in!

5. Thirst for Design Water Bottle. Love this ModCloth bottle, don’t you?

6. iPad mini. The best time-killer known to man.

7. Passport Holder. (If you’re lucky enough to have to travel outside the country!)

8. “Adulting” by Kelly Williams Brown… I’ve been dying to read this book. A nice long flight would be the perfect opportunity!

(image via)

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Jul 11, 2013

Have you ever noticed how many countries have red, white and blue flags? I was always thought it was interesting how they could all be based on the same colors, yet so different at the same time.

This Sunday is Bastille Day! My mom has started a tradition of hosting a Bastille Day dinner party (she’s a quarter French) and it inspired me to do some thinking about how we wear our national colors.

American Outfit   //   French Outfit

So here’s what I’ve come up with: The french are always a bit more restrained, just hinting at their patriotism. We American’s love to wear our stars and stripes. Oh and bikini’s.

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Today’s my favorite holiday! I’ll keep this short so we can all get to more exciting things—fireworks and apple pie! Happy Independence day lovelies, and Happy Birthday USA! XO

cake   //   kiss   //   summer   //   nap   //   star pies

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Oh man oh man… I can not wait for Friday. Wine tasting with my best girl friends, what could be better? As you can imagine, a weekend such as this requires a special wardrobe. I can get quite anal about packing, making lists and checking them twice, so I’ll probably be starting tomorrow. Here’s a version of some things I’ll be bringing with me.

No. 1   //   No. 2   //   No. 3   //   No. 4   //   No. 5   //   No. 6