New favorite show that I’m addicted to: Friday Night Lights! I’ve just been in a TV mood lately. So when I finished House of Cards, I was craving another drama series to get into. Thanks to Netflix, I started watching Friday Night Lights, and love it. Dillon Texas is nothing like my home town or high school, but I think anyone can relate to it. I was talking to one of my friends who also loves the show and happens to teach high school and we were both remarking on how “real” the show is. It focuses on real high school issues of today’s world, and doesn’t sugar coat things. I really appreciate that.

This past weekend we went on short trip up to Santa Cruz (about 5 hours north of LA) for a dear friend’s wedding. What a beautiful place. We were only there for a few hours, but I am already planning another trip. Small town feel with the beach on one side and the redwoods on the other side. If you’re ever in the area, do yourself a favor and make a stop. And it kinda rained on the wedding day! So moody and misty and magical. Loooooved it.

Last Thursday and Friday I volunteered as an intern for Blogshop LA. Such a fun 2 days! Bri and Angela taught  the class, and me and 2 other graphic designers helped set up and answer questions. It was so fun to be a part of, and so inspiring to see how these amazing creative ladies teach and put on such a successful event.

Jul 12, 2013

Boy oh boy… the days are sure getting longer! I’ve been working from the couch lately and this guy (see photo below) is always right by my side. He’s the sleepiest co-worker I’ve ever had, but also the fluffiest. So thankful for him.

Here are some things I found this week:

Coffitivity // A site that streams the sounds of a coffee house. Genius! Now you can stay home and feel like you’re working from your local coffee spot.

Dustin Hoffman breaks down crying // I love him. I love this video.

Juicing // I’m doing another juice cleanse for the next 3 days. Wish me luck!

Unique LA // This weekend! I probably won’t get there this time, so let me know if I missed anything good.

Less than a month // Oh yeah, my wedding is less than a month away now… no biggie (!!!!!)

Have a great weekend!

Today’s my favorite holiday! I’ll keep this short so we can all get to more exciting things—fireworks and apple pie! Happy Independence day lovelies, and Happy Birthday USA! XO

cake   //   kiss   //   summer   //   nap   //   star pies

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Well hello there Friday, what the heck happened? I had a major case of laziness this week after a thrilling girl’s weekend. What can I say? I’m not as young as I once was… The Bachelorette was a blast, and this week has flown by. Thanks for sticking in there, and have a fabulous weekend! Back to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday, promise.


Jun 21, 2013

Oh man am I glad it’s Friday. This week has been a doozy… I’ve learned some painful, yet valuable business lessons and I’m ready to go wine tasting with my girlfriends. Nothing a few bottles of wine, a pool and laughter with good friends can’t cure. I hope you all will be enjoying the first official weekend of summer as well. XO


Oh man oh man… I can not wait for Friday. Wine tasting with my best girl friends, what could be better? As you can imagine, a weekend such as this requires a special wardrobe. I can get quite anal about packing, making lists and checking them twice, so I’ll probably be starting tomorrow. Here’s a version of some things I’ll be bringing with me.

No. 1   //   No. 2   //   No. 3   //   No. 4   //   No. 5   //   No. 6

I used to watch The West Wing after dinner with my parents every night. The subject matter and humor may have been mostly over my head (I was 12 when the show started) but I was fascinated by the fast paced witty dialogue and the idea of working with the President. I’ve been a politics junky ever since. I recently decided to re-watch The West Wing from start to finish (bless you Netflix). It was on for a long time, so I’m not very far into it, but already loving all the characters all over again. It’s so interesting to see how issues have evolved (or not) since the early 2000’s. Did any of you watch the show?

I spent a wonderful Father’s day with my Dad yesterday. I know I’m lucky to have my father so close. The whole family went out to the Long Beach Flea Market (Dad loves a good swap meet), then the Aquarium of the Pacific (Dad is also a big fish lover) and then his favorite restaurant  Slater’s 50/50. They make a 50% beef, 50% bacon burger and it’s pretty good… We were all rolling out of there at the end of our meal. This photo of the 2 of us was taken when I was about 2 years old at Bryce Canyon National Park. On this trip my dad decided I had gotten too big for the baby backpack.

Oh my gosh, this upcoming weekend is my Bachelorette trip to Temecula (Southern California Wine Country)! 6 of my very best girl friends and I are heading down there for great food, great wine, and some fun in the sun. My wonderful Maid of Honor has planned everything, so all I know is we’re grabbing dinner Friday night, wine tasting ALL DAY Saturday, and staying in for a old-school slumber party in the hotel suite Saturday night—pizza, nail polish, chick-flicks and boy talk. Any good girl movies we should bring? Also what Temecula wineries can you recommend? (P.S. this photo was taken at a dance party during ALT Summit!)

One of the biggest hits at my bridal shower last month was a simple memory matching game. It was so popular, 3 people asked me to forward them the candy list and icons I made, so I figured I would share it with you as well!

my lovely bridesmaids running the game for my guests. photo by my dear friend Amanda Jean of Jean & Gene Creative

Here’s how it works:

Cover a piece of foam core with wrapping paper. Download and print 2 sets of the wedding themed icons I designed. Cut out the icons and arrange them randomly on the board. Number Post-It Notes 1-48 and stick them with push pins on the board.

Guests take turns trying to find matches. When they find one, they win a candy bar that goes with the icon!

Here’s the candy list:

Bride – Hot Tamales
Groom – Big Hunk
Bridesmaids – Smarties
Groomsmen – 3 Musketeers
Honeymoon – Red Hots or Skor
Reception – 100 Grand
In-Laws – Snickers or Nutrageous
Arguments – Warheads
Nicknames – Sweet Tarts
Diamond Ring – Ring Pop
Ringbearer – Butterfinger
Flower Girl – Junior Mints
Commitment – Now and Laters or Everlasting Gobstoppers
Tie the Knot – Twizzlers
On “Cloud 9″ – Milky Way
True Love – Good and Plenty
Wedding Vendors – Pay Day
First Child – Baby Ruth
Wedding Gifts – Mounds
Bride and Groom – Twix
Vows – Dove Promises or Gushers
Alcohol – Lifesaver
1st Dance – Symphony
Wedding Photos – Treasures or Look


Don’t forget to download the icons! I hope you have as much fun with this game as we did!

Happy Memorial Day!

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May 24, 2013

Dudes… Where did this week go? I took off Monday for M’s birthday, and then all of the sudden it’s Friday! And we’re going to have another long weekend! This is not good for my blogging schedule, but it’s been really nice for my personal life.

(Instagram capture by my dear friend Lauren at the bridal shower)

The bridal shower was a huge success. Maybe it’s partly because I never have birthday parties (Christmas baby…) but I have never felt more loved and honored in my life. The most special women in the world were all there together in one place loving on me. I’m so excited for the bigger grander version of this on our actual wedding day!

This weekend we’re heading south to Orange County to loung by our friend’s pool and drink cocktails. I didn’t really have a hard week or anything, but I’m always ready for some pool time. Also, Arrested Development. ‘Nough said.

How will you be enjoying the long weekend?

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May 17, 2013

This has been a jam packed week, but this weekend is going to be even busier. M’s family flies in today and then it’s bridal shower time on Saturday! Thankfully all this pressure has made me super productive this week. I finished a couple projects, baked treats for the party, and cleaned the entire apartment (with help from M of course). I can’t wait to finally have some fun and relax with my family.

I hope you had a productive week as well. What fun plans do you have going on this weekend?

(I just love when peonies get full and open)