Dec 18, 2013

I’m not a lipstick girl. I’m not even a lip gloss girl. I’m a lip blam kind of girl, and I’m pretty obsessive about it. I always have to have a lip blam handy, and I’ve come to be pretty picky on my brands. But I’ve felt kind of left out of the lip color trends lately, and I decided to give a couple newer lip color products a try in order to find one that I could live with.

I wanted a berry shade, so I went to my local store and picked out 5 lipsticks that looked like the right color. But color is only part of the equation. My other requirements are: 1. soft and hydrated lips, 2. long lasting, 3. not shimmery or glittery, 4. not glossy or sticky. Here’s what I found.

(photo of the lovely Emma Watson in a bright berry lip)

1. Cover Girl Blast Flip Stick in color Whisper/Murmure – Rating: 1 out of 5

I thought this was a good option because I got 2 colors for one, and it was pretty cheap. Upon testing though, the darker color is shimmery! And the lighter color is more of a nude and not very berry like… The idea behind this product is to create an ombre effect, but I can’t say that it works very well. I will use the lighter color as a nude lipstick probably. The texture is quite hydrating and nice. Don’t think it lasts particularly long though.

2. Revlon Color Stay Overtime in color Unlimited Mulberry - Rating: 2 out of 5

I should have realized this was going to be a lipgloss before I even bought it. Half of it is solid color, the second half is clear gloss. You put on the color and wait until it dries, and then apply the gloss. It’s basically a lip stain, which is great because it’s long lasting (really long… like, maybe too long) but the weird part is that it gets super sticky when the gloss wears off. I found that quite annoying. Sometimes it’s nice to go for a glossy look, so I’ll be keeping it around. The color was really nice.

3. Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in color Berry Nude – Rating: 3 out of 5

This is more like a lip pencil than a lip crayon. I’ve liked the lip crayon’s I’ve purchased in the past because they’re more like tinted lip balm. This one is matte, so maybe that’s why it felt more dry. Overall, not a bad product, but not really what I was looking for. The color is nice and it stays on pretty well, except I was trying to put lip balm over it, and that would make the color come off. I probably won’t end up using this much.

4. Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Sheer Lip Color in color Sheer Berry - Rating: 4 out of 5

This, out of the 5, is the most traditional lipstick I picked up, and for a lipstick, it’s great. It’s a bit like a tinted lip balm, so I loved that, but like a lip balm, it doesn’t last very long. The color is great because it’s still a bit sheer and you can just add a bit for a tint, or layer it on. Texture was a bit more sticky than a regular lip balm, but overall I’m liking it. I’ve been carrying it around in my purse all week.

5. Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in color Mystical - Rating: 5 out of 5

This was my favorite, and oddly the last one I tried. It’s kind of weird, but it works great and the texture is exactly like a lip balm… because it is! It’s got 2 ends, one is literally a lip stain felt tip marker. The other is a plain old translucent lip balm. It was weird coloring in my lips, but it dried instantly and once I put on the lip balm, I was set to go all night! The stain was really long lasting, and I just applied my lip balm as I needed. I think this is a newer product, so I definitely recommend picking up one and trying it for yourself. I think I’ll go back to the store and get some for stocking stuffers!

This little experiment was really fun! I hope you found it helpful. Let me know if there are any other great lip products you use. Or if you have suggestions on what other beauty products I should test out next!

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Halloween is coming up fast, but as for right now, Matt and I still don’t have any plans. This always seems to happen. I plan on staying in, watching a scary movie and handing out candy, but at the last second, we decide to go to a party… and I have to throw a costume together. I’ve gotten pretty good at repurposing clothing from my wardrobe into costumes. Here are 3 of my favorites that might help you this year.

Costume #1: Hogwarts Student // This is definitely my go-to. It’s comfortable, and only requires one obscure prop: a stick.

Here’s what you need:

Costume: a white blouse, a skirt in any color, tights or knee highs, a gray cardigan, a striped scarf, a leather satchel, boots, glasses are a nice effect if you have them.

Beauty: hair in a ponytail or down

Props: something “wand-like” (a stick from your backyard works fine), maybe a Harry Potter book in your bag for effect. I have a Ravenclaw patch and sew it loosely on my cardigan.

1. Ray Ban RX5285 from   //   2. Chiffon Blouse from H&M   //   3. Jaclyn Skirt from Monki   //   4. Rag & Bone Eldon Stripe Scarf from Scoop NYC   //   5. Twist & Tango Kenya Cardigan from The Dressing Room   //   6. Women Knee High Socks from Uniqulo   //   7. Harry Potter Hogwarts Magical Wand Prop Replica from   //   8. Cambridge Satchel from Shopbop   //   9. Rock and Candy Spraypaint Boot from DSW


Costume #2: Peter Pan or Tinkerbell // I recently bought a cute green dress, and this costume idea immediately popped into my head.

Here’s what you need:

Costume: a green dress, a brown rope or braid style belt, green tights, moccasins, green hat optional. If you get cold, bring a Native American inspired blanket, sweater or poncho.

Beauty: for Peter, pull your hair back, ideally under a green hat. For Tink wear it in a top-knot bun.

Props: a bag of “pixie dust”, maybe a pocket knife Peter. Definitely pick up some wings for Tink.

1. Ana Field Hat  from Zolando   //   2. Merona Plus Sized Sleeveless Tank Dress from Target   //   3. Clark’s Originals Sylvie Moccasins from Zolando   //   4.  Pretty Navajo Poncho from Accessorize   //   5. Fringe Soga Belt from Calypso St Barth   //   6. Fogal 490 Waves Tights from Pret A Beaute


Costume #3: Holly Golightly // I’m leaning toward this one this year.

Here’s what you need:

Costume: a little black dress, black heels, string of peals, any gaudy costume jewelry, dark sunglasses, a black clutch.

Beauty: definitely pin it up, maybe into a french twist if you can do it. Don’t forget the cat eye.

Props: gloves are ideal, cigarettes, and maybe a paper bag with donuts to share.

1. Sephora Collection Cat Eye Velvet Eyeliner Applique from Sephora   //   2. Black Skater Dress from Dorothy Perkins   //   3. Deco Statement Earrings from Calypso St Barth   //   4. Luella Cat Eye Sunglasses from Witchery   //   5. Hayley 3 Layer Pearl Necklace from Forever New   //   6. Jill Sander Leather Long Gloves from StyleBop   //   7. Saint Laurent Micro Mallettes Leather Clutch from Matches Fashion   //   8. Christian Louboutin So Kate patent leather pump from Barney’s New York

Oct 22, 2013

Anyone who has traveled with me will tell you I am NOT a light packer. I start with a list of outfits I need (plane clothes, day 1 outfit, night 1 outfit, repeat) and then I bring every possible accessory for each outfit. I have a lot of anxiety about being comfortable, looking nice and being prepared when I travel, so my moto is, “just in case”.

When we went on that short trip to St Louis a couple weeks ago, I brought 3 pairs of boots… and I was SO glad I did! I wore them all and was so comfortable. Therefore I think I’ve figured out the 3 boot styles everyone must have for Fall.

1. The Riding Boot // Chic, classic and goes with anything. This isn’t the most comfortable look, but it transitions nicely from day to night. A simple way to dress up a casual outfit, or dress down a dressy outfit.

1. Factory Intarsia Charley Sweater in Polka Dot by J.Crew Factory   //   Rag & Bone Jean Denim & Knit Jacket from La Garconne   //   Carolyn Riding Boot in Amaretto by Sole Society   //   The Lovelock Tote from Madewell   //   Koral Skinny Jean 4 Month Blue Black from Austique

2. The Short Boot // The most comfortable of the three, and my new favorite. I’m big into the boyfriend jean, and I love the way I can cuff them and show off my boot, or roll them down and go with a more “cowboy” thing. This is my grab and go workhorse shoe during the fall and winter… the boot equivalent to the flip-flop.

1. Mandy Roll Sleeve Tab Shirt from Forever New   //   2. Pod Cardigan from Oasis   //  3. Bucasi Tartan Plaid Scarf from Amazon   //   4. Sketchers Mad Dash boot from Zappos   //   5. Pierre Balmain Stone Wash Cropped Jean from Farfetch

3. The Heeled Boot // This is basically the outfit I wore to that wedding in St Louis. Yes, it was in a campground, so I could get away with this kind of casual style, but you get the idea. A heeled boot easily elevates you (no pun intended) to fancy status without totally killing your feet.

1. Alice & You Black polka dot from Dorothy Perkins   //   Merona Women’s Chunky Cardigan Sweater in Burnt Orange from Target   //    TRF Bowling Bag in Mustard by Zara   //   Tan Block Heel Chelsea Boot from Fashion Union

Now, if you’re crazy like me you’ll get all three of these styles in black and gray… but I’m a shoe horse.

Do you have these three boot styles? Is there another one you would add?

Every 6 months or so I get this desire for a radical change with my hair. Does this happen to you?

For the past couple of years I’ve been cutting in long layers, leaving my bangs long and getting a loose wavy perm. I really like that look, but the last time I did it, the waves came out really fast, and left my hair just looking limp. So I’ve been trying to get the perm out and wearing it straight and natural. It’s simple and fast, but kinda boring.

I always part my hair on the side, so side bangs are an obvious choice. I had them all throughout high school and college and I think they’re a good look on me. However, I don’t have the patience to deal with bangs and a perm, so I grew them out while I was perming my hair. Now the perm is grown out I’m contemplating real bangs (not side bangs) for the first time since Elementary school… actually I’m not sure I was the one making the hair decisions at that age, but you know what I mean.

Emma Stone   //   Aimee Teegarden   //   Ombre Hair

So this is what I’m thinking…. wispy bangs that are long at the sides and shorter in the center. I feel like these would be much more manageable than blunt, straight across, thick bangs. I could easily move them to the side or clip them up because it wouldn’t be a huge amount of hair.

And color is the other thing I want to try. I’m not comfortable dying my whole head—I’ve never done that before, and I’m pretty protective of my natural color. Also I don’t like the idea of my roots growing out and having to maintain them. However, I do think there are some things I could do to my ends to lighten them up and perhaps create a brighter ombre effect from bottom to top. My hair does this naturally, so this would just give it a boost.

What do you think? Any advice on color and bangs? I need help making this decision… I’m nervous I won’t like it and have to wait ages for it all to grow out. Is it time to be bold and take a chance?

I was delighted to see so many fall basics in the sale section of the J. Crew Factory website. Real good stuff. Here are a few things I’m particularly coveting right now. Would make a nice outfit all together, don’t you think? I might just have to get them all…

No. 1) Factory Tailored Boy Blazer   //   No. 2) Factory Gold-Plated Chainlink Necklace   //   No. 3) Factory Clare Cardigan in Scattered Dot   //   No. 4) Factory Straight and Narrow Cord   //   No. 5) Factory Two-Pocket Chambray Shirt   //   No. 6) Factory Waffle Infinity Scarf   //   No. 7) Factory Anja Printed Cap Toe Ballet Flats

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If your year has been anything like mine, you’ve been to a lot of weddings recently. Now we’re wrapping up wedding season, and I’m having a hard time finding something to wear for the last one this weekend. The weather also isn’t helping things. Most of the dresses I have are summery, and I really would love to wear something with darker colors this time.

So I’ve been doing some shopping and thinking about what to wear to a wedding. Here are 5 of my top picks from the internet and 5 tips for shopping.

No. 1 Kate Spade New York jacket, top & skirt from Nordstrom   //   No. 2 Oasis Pleated Maxi Dress from Asos   //   No. 3 Maggy London Belted Lace Sheath Dress from Nordstrom Rack   //   No. 4  Green Pleated Dress with Belt from Chic Wish   //   No. 5 Ruched Dragonfly Dress from Anthropologie

5 Tips For What to Wear to a Wedding

1. No White // There are a lot of cute white dresses out there. Lots that are beige or silver and some that are only white on the top half. Weddings are just not the right place to wear them unless you’re the bride. Save them for a night out or any other party.

2. No Black // Unless you’re going to a really fancy black tie wedding, I would just choose something a bit more festive and colorful. There are LOTS of events where a LBD is perfect.

3. Walking & Dancing Shoes // This one is HARD. I love pretty shoes and I love showing them off. Weddings seem like the perfect place to do that. Unfortunately lots of times they’re out in grass and your heels get stuck and muddy, and then they’ll be killing you by the time dancing starts. My solution? Wedges and back up flip flops in your bag.

4. Tastefulness // You probably already know this, but weddings are not the time and place to flaunt what you got. So many reasons why… photos, family members, etc. When in doubt cover up.

5. Be Prepared // At a wedding a couple weekends ago it suddenly started raining! I was in a sundress and a cardigan… But I only brought one outfit, so I sat by the heater. For the wedding this weekend, I plan on checking the weather everyday, and bringing 2 outfits. Better safe than sorry!

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Happy Monday! Over the weekend I went shopping with my “aunt” (no relation, but that’s what I call her) and I came across these Ugg fringe boots at a major discount. Now, I usually don’t go for this style, but I’ve been watching a lot of Friday Night Lights and I’ve started to appreciate the whole cowboy look more. These boots are so dang comfy, I can’t wait until fall really gets here and I can wear them everyday.

This friday we’re heading to the last wedding of the season all the way over in St Louis, Missouri! I’m excited to spend a weekend and check out this town. If you know of any good BBQ or shopping spots, please let me know! (The cute illustration above is from this website).

Last night we watched the season finale of Breaking Bad at my parent’s house (we don’t have cable) so we wouldn’t run across any spoilers today. It was such a great show. I’ll never forget how my mom started watching it first and I couldn’t believe she would like a show about cooking meth! But 6 years later, I have to agree. Check out the cool Breaking Bad fan art like the one above.

Sep 24, 2013

Oh man oh man, I am loving this bold, simple, graphic color combination. It’s just so perfect, and from the looks of my Pinterest a lot of you are loving it too. So what do you think? Ditch the old brown and jewel tones for fall this year and freshen things up with graphic black and white?

 Nina Holst’s Office on Stylizimo   //   Black Long Sleeves Leaf Print Dipped Hem Blouse from ShePinner   //   Contact Graphic for Mark Weaver

Atelier Martino and Jana Poster sourced on Grain Edit   //    Finley & Alice by Keith Davis Young   //   Ms Starlet Umbrella from Two Penny Blue

Good Canape Plate by Diane Keaton on Fab   //   Simplicity Quote souce unknown   //   Dot Bedding original source unknown

Star Patterned Blanket from Fantastic Frank Blog   //   Letterpress Birth Announcements on Paper Crave

Kate Spade Larabee Road Polka Dot Tidbit Plates   //   Luxe No. 7 Essential Stripes Stretch Tunic   //   152 Insights Into My Soul Print by Matthew Taylor Wilson on Society6   //   Kate Spade Framed Dot Scarf

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Sep 13, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s been a long week… Lots of work. I have barely had time to take care of myself—pulling 12+ hour work days. But the weekend is here! I plan on cleaning the house and hanging out with some dear friends. Hope you’re able to relax this weekend too.

Here are 5 things I found and loved this week:

100 -KM Chinese Traffic Jam Enters Day 9 // For the past 6 work days I’ve been driving to Culver City from my house in North Hollywood for work. I leave at 9am and sit in traffic for an hour, and then do it again when I leave. It’s exhausting and wastes so much of my day. So glad I only have to do it every once in a while.

Miley Cyrus covers Dolly // We want this Miley back! Love this cover.

Inspired by Black + White // I’ve been seeing a lot of bold black and white around and really love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love color… but the simple, graphic, minimal combination is refreshing. Check out this Flickr stream from Tiny Wild Things to see what I mean.

Skillshare // I’ve been looking into taking one of these classes. There are so many that look good! Have you ever taken one? Any recommendations?

How to Measure Yourself for Online Shopping // Stumbled across this helpful guide form Lauren Conrad about how to measure yourself for shopping online. Good to know!

Sep 12, 2013

For the past week I’ve been working on-site at one of my client’s offices. We’re working on a new project with a tight deadline, so it’s easier if we’re all in the same place. I like the change from my home office, but I noticed I really don’t have a good laptop bag solution.

Currently my laptop bag doesn’t carry much other than a laptop, and all those work supplies I listed earlier this week. I also have to bring my power supply and some paper work. The bag is super heavy and I still have my purse and lunch bag! Not to mention a water bottle and sweater.

So I’ve been shopping for a new solution. What I really need is a small zippered pouch I can use as my purse that will tuck neatly inside my laptop bag and remove when I go to lunch. Ideally I could also fit a water bottle and sweater on top of all my work essentials. And of course this bag must be stylish, not too big and not super obvious that I have an expensive computer in there.

Thankfully I’ve already found several options on Etsy! Here are my top 5 picks so far… What do you think?

No. 1   //   No. 2   //   No. 3   //   No. 4    //   No. 5

I’m leaning toward the chic multipurpose (No. 4) or the classic leather crossbody (No. 5). Of course, I’ll probably be working from home after this week and won’t need to tote around so much.

Do you have a laptop bag or big tote that you love?