Have you ever had a craving to go swimming, yet you don’t feel like going to a public pool and the kid’s pool just doesn’t do it for you?

If you have then it’s likely you’ll have thought about getting an underground pool.

So today I’m going to show you the time, energy and money it takes to own a pool and then show you some cheaper options.

How Much Does It Take To Construct A Swimming Pool

Here’s a quick rundown of what it will take to build the different types of pools.

  • Concrete Pool

If you live in North America then it’ll usually cost around 22 thousand dollars, with some pool companies charging double that and others undercutting by 5k.

$21,919 will buy you a  32’x16′ sized concrete swimming pool.

However, that’s for a concrete pool and in the long run, they cost the most.

  • Fiberglass Pool

You can buy a fibreglass pool, these cost around $5,000 – $10,000 initially and then another $5,000 – $10,000 to install it into the ground.

Usually, fibreglass pools will be a few thousand dollars cheaper in total, but the real money saver comes in the future.

A concrete pool will need to be resurfaced every 10 years which costs around $5,000 all the way up to $10,000, as a fibreglass pool will last 15 years before you have to resurface and it will cost around $4,000, which is cheaper and you’re getting another 5 years of longevity.

On top of that, you will not have to repair the tiles that drop off (all the time).

So, Fiberglass pools are definitely something to think about.

  • Infinity Pool

Some people ask how much it would take to add an infinity ledge to a pool, just to add this ledge you’ll be spending double the price, which would make things around $50,000.

This is a money drain, with the only good side is that an infinity pool can add 7% – 10% on to your overall home value.

  • The Fourth Option

The fourth option is the best option for people on a budget and we will be talking about it below.

  • Planning permission

Please note that before the shovel touches the ground you will need planning permission, be sure you can get it before you start this project otherwise you will be stuck with a giant hole where your garden used to be.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Swimming Pool

cost of a pool

Once you’ve got your pool installed into the ground how much will it cost to run it?

Well, the average pool pump will need to be switched on for around 4 hours per day, 2 hours in the morning, 2 at night.

On average this will cost around $30 – $50 in electric.

Then you have to clean your pool, now if you do it yourself this will cost around $80 the first month and $40 the next, you’ll start stockpiling materials and this will go down over time, the initial first months where you’re buying your pump, shock, chlorine (with float), anti-algae and pool net is going to be the expensive one and then after that you’ll just be stocking up on shock and chlorine at around $20 per month.

Hiring a pool cleaner?

If you want to hire a pool cleaner that will set you back $75 – $100 per pool clean, this really adds up and depends on who you hire and how big your pool is.

I know people will small pools, who hire locally and they pay around $45 per pool clean.

I know people who just hired a local worker in need of work and have them do it for $40 every week.

So, this changes depending on where you live, who you know and how big/hard your pool is to clean.

How Do I Clean A Swimming Pool

how to clean a pool

If you’re thinking about cleaning your swimming pool yourself let me give you a quick rundown of what it involves.

The Pool Chemicals: 

  • Chlorine

You need a chlorine flotation device, they are time savers. You then fill it with chlorine pills and replace every week (or when they run out).

This will keep your pool water clean and ready to use.

  • Shock

Every now and then if you have a lot of people in your pool or forget to clean it the water will go murky, sometimes green.

When you want to get it back to looking sharp and clear you throw in some shock and within a day or two everything should be back to normal.

This is a must have chemical that should be used to keep water clean and ready to use.

This is all you need, at the start but you can also get:

  • Anti Algae Chemical 

Shock and chlorine should stop any algae build up but sometimes you need something a little better and that’s an anti-algae chemical, you will not have to buy them often (once every 3 months), but they can help keep your pool nice and clean.

Pool Equipment:

  • Pool Vacuum

A pool vacuum gets all the nasty stuff off the bottom of the pool, they usually cost around $100 for a basic one and $250 for an advanced one.

  • Pool Net

Regardless of how well you keep your pool, you’ll still have bits of debris and some bugs fly into your pool, that’s where you need a nice pool net. These usually cost around $15 – $40, as a tip always use Amazon and not a pool supply shop as they charge double for the same product.

  • Brushes

Before you use the Vacuum you’ll need to use a brush on the side of the pool to get all the dirt off and allow the vacuum to be able to do its job.

Again, these brushes will cost around $10 and you can usually use the skimmer (pool net) extension pole on it.

That’s all you need and you’ll be ready to clean your pool.

How Long Does It Take To Clean A Pool? 

At the start, it’ll probably take you an hour while you’re learning and you’ll have to do it once a week (in swimming seasons).

Once you get the hang of it, it’ll take you around 30 minutes to do a pool clean, but this can depend on the size of your pool.

How To Make A Swimming Pool On A Budget

above ground pool
from Amazon

Above, I talked about the fourth option and how it’s far cheaper, quicker and doesn’t always need planning permission.

The fourth option is an above ground pool, now before you close the page let me explain to you the benefits:

  • They cost around $1000, work just like a swimming pool.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They take hours to set up, not months.
  • They are cheaper to run and easier to fill.
  • They last 8 – 12 years, which at that point you can buy another one for $1000 and replace it, saving up to $10,000 resurfacing if you had a real pool.
  • You can store it away any time you like, say you’re going travelling for a few months or are in work lock down and won’t have time to look after the pool, you can drain it, store it away, all within hours, a real pool needs constant maintenance forever.

These are just some of the benefits, the real reason to get one of these pools is that it allows you to test whether you really want to commit to an underground pool, you’ll get to see how it looks, the cleaning and maintenance involved and how it affects your electric bill.

It’s the one bit of advice I give to all people looking to buy a swimming pool, go and buy a 400 dollar above ground pool and see how it works out, if you use it lots, enjoy it and find it easy to clean and maintain, then spend the money on an in-ground pool.

It Won’t Look Nice?

You would be really surprised.

I’ve seen many above ground pools that have decking that look just like normal pools and cost around 3 thousand for a full install.

The only thing you lose is the above ground pools are not as deep.

What Above Ground Pool Should You Get? 

I’ve done a guide that will show you the best above ground pools money can buy, they go as low as $150, with all being the highest quality.

This is just something you should think about.

How Much Does It Cost To Heat A Swimming Pool

cost of heating a pool

Another question I get all the time is how much does it cost to heat a pool.

The truth is you have multiple options, that all vary in price:

  • Solar Heating

These are the cheapest and easiest way to heat a pool, you buy a plastic solar panel with loads of little tubs, you then connect it to your pool pump and while your pump is cleaning the water it’ll filter back to the pool through your solar heater, this makes all the water go through hot pipes heated by the sun, it doesn’t cost hardly anything to run and can add 10 degrees to the pool temperature with no problem.

  • Solar Pool Cover

If you get a solar heater then you will want to invest in a solar cover, these pool covers attract the sun, so when they are on they will heat the pool up, while also stopping heat from leaving the pool.

So, it’ll keep all the daytime heat in the pool during the night time which makes it far hotter the next day.

Using both solar devices together will cost nothing and will add 15 – 20 degrees in temperature to your pool.

I did an article on the best solar pool covers here, totally worth checking out.

  • Heating System

If that’s not enough heat and you want your pool to be heated all year round then you can invest in a heating system, they usually cost around $1,000 – $3,0000 for a good quality one.

They take a few days to heat the pool and they cost hundreds of dollars per month to run.

I personally wouldn’t recommend one to anyone who doesn’t use their pool every day, because you have to leave them running all the time which costs around $250 + a month in electric (on average).

For some, this is what they would pay for a private gym membership with a heated private pool, so it makes sense to heat their own. But for most this is an expense that will quickly get boring and just sit gathering dust.

If you do get a heating system then team it with a solar cover as that will cut costs a considerable amount.

What Are Hidden Costs Of Owning A Pool

hidden cost of a pool

I’ve mentioned most of the hidden costs during this article, the main being the resurfacing costs of around $5,000 – $10,000 that happen every 10 – 13 years.

You also have the pool cleaning charge of either $75 a time or do it yourself and still spend around $30 – $50 per month on pool chemicals and a couple of hundred dollars of getting pool equipment.

Other than them charges you will not find much more unless you retile your pool which usually happens as part of the resurfacing.

You can lower the costs by getting a fibreglass pool, which lowers the resurfacing costs to 4k and spreads them out to 15 years.

You can also get an above ground pool with decking and have it cost around 3 thousand dollars, with the only cost (apart from cleaning/maintenance) being replacing it every 10 years, which costs around $1,000.

Should You Get A Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is a great investment if you live in a hot country. In these countries, it will add money to the overall price of your house, which with house prices increasing it should pay for itself in the long run.

You also need to look at your life and ask yourself if you have the time to look after it and will you be able to use it.

If you’re going to get it to just have it sit in your garden being unused for 9 months of the year, you may as well invest in a fish pound as they increase house value and then just go to a public pool when it’s hot.

How Long Will My Pool Take To Build

It usually takes 8 – 10 weeks for a full underground pool to be constructed and sometimes another week to get it filled, get the water treated and have the pump installed.

With an inground pool this takes around 3 – 5 days if you get the decking, and with a fibreglass pool it’ll take around 4 – 5 weeks, as there’s no concrete or tiles to put on.



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