The Cutest Tiny Homes You Have To See

best tiny houses

Every millennial has dreamt of owning their own home and when tiny homes came into fashion, I found myself scrolling through endless pages on Pinterest, lusting after the cutest tiny home decor, tiny home storage ideas and tiny home locations.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you really need to watch the videos below, tiny homes are all the rage at the moment. Off-grid living, clever storage ideas, owning your own home and saving a fortune on bills and rental costs.

Owning your own home is damn expensive and if you have the ability to save up a chunk of cash you can own your own tiny home! I think two people are the maximum capacity for these tiny homes as they can get just a little bit too cramped.

But if you’re into aesthetically pleasing things, cute decor and of course tiny homes, you have to check out my favorite tiny homes and feel free to let out a little squeal at each one.

1. Open Concept Tiny House


This tiny home even has its own elevator bed! If late night snacking, watching netflix and sipping on pumpkin spice in this tiny home doesn’t make you excited, I don’t know what will.

2. Alpha Tiny House

More modern than some apartments this cute tiny home even has a jacuzzi bathtub. It looks really spacious and ultra modern, basically, I want it.

3. Luxury Tiny House

Walking around this tiny house just makes me want to park it in a forest and watch some horror movies with friends. Anybody else?

4.Couple’s Tiny Home

Including this tiny home was not just because it’s beautiful but I was sat imagining all of the cute home decor and candles I could scatter around the place.

5. Stylistic Modern Tiny House

If you have a lot of stuff this tiny home has some amazing storage ideas that I had never even thought of when it came to where to store my candles if I owned one of these tiny homes.

6. Awesome Tiny House

Not only are these girls really cute they also have this wonderful tiny home. It’s ultra stylish, has great storage options (sofa storage helllooo??) and is basically what I need in my life.

7. Mini Mansion Tiny House

The bright colors chosen for this tiny home make it pop and really stand out from the crowd. The home decor enthusiast in me wants to wrap myself up inside of it and never come out again!

8. Cheap Creative Tiny House

This home is unique and filled with character. It’s a lot more rustic and ‘rural’ than the other tiny homes on this list and I LOVE it, well done guys.

9. Unreal Tiny Home

This final tiny home could quite possibly be my favorite of the bunch. It’s modern, cute, stylish and doesn’t compromise on storage.

I have been thinking about owning a tiny home for quite some time now, I think my only gripe would be not having enough room to just laze about in. You would have to constantly tidy up so it didn’t look messy but I think I could get over that if I had candles, movies, and a cute living area. What do you gals think, would you live in a tiny home?



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