We all know the key to a long lasting hot tub is maintance and if you slip up even for a few weeks it can lead to massive issues for your hot tub in the future.

Today I’m going to walk you through the how to’s when owning a hot tub and keeping it clean and functional.

I’m going to be focusing on both inflatable hot tubs and normal hot tubs and split this article into two section, as always the comments are open for your questions.

How To Clean A Hot Tub

So, here’s the first step, to keep your hot tub clean.

Both inflatable and normal hot tubs have a similar cleaning procedure and here it is:

I could explain it here, but they do a better job in that video.

Tips For Hot Tub Care

hot tub tips

Now here are a few measures we recommend you take while looking after your hot tub.

  • Treat your water and keep it clean. 

You should start by testing your PH levels and if it’s too high or too low you can get a ph increaser or decreaser.

You can then use Chlorine, this helps keep your water clean and fresh. You should get a chlorine floatation device and just leave 1 – 2 tablets floating around all the time (depending on your hot tub size, you may only need to use one).

Next, you can get hot tub shock, this is used to destroy organic contaminants, this is used once per month and is often used if your hot tub water starts going cloudy.

  • Clean out your hot tub

Hot tubs are a little different to pools and can benefit from regularly being emptied.

Typically I’d drain a spa every 3 months, this depends on size. If you have a big 1800 + liter spa you’ll find the water will stay fresher for longer, if however, you have an under 1800 liter spa a refill every 3 months will be ideal for keeping your water fresh, clean and hydrating.

  • Take showers before using your tub

Always and I mean always take a nice shower before using your hot tub.

This stops sun cream, beauty products, and other unnessassery dirt entering the tub.

This will help you keep your tub clean and will save you a lot of time and money in the future, as the damaged beauty, oil and sunscreen products cause to water is a real headache.

  • Apply your cover after use

Don’t leave your hot tub without its cover on when you’re not in it. This will increase the cost to run your hot tub, stop it from getting hot and allow debris to enter into it.

Even if you’re leaving it just for an hour it’s a great idea to apply the cover.

  • Use a Second Hot Tub Cover

You can purchase float hot tub covers, you can then use the float cover under the normal cover and it’ll protect it from chemicals and be more energy efficient.

  • Keep on top of your water

Trust me when I say a minute now is an hour in a week from now and then a day in a month from now in the world of looking after water.

It’s always best to stay ontop of cleaning your hot tub and build it int your routine, that way you’ll not have the issue of doing a full empty and clean, instead you’ll just have to chuck a chlorine tablet in once a week.

  • Quality can be important

When it comes to inflatable hot tubs it’s best to get a quality one, that doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot of money, it just means it’s better to get a highly rated hot tub, because the pumps and heaters will be better and this alone will make your life a lot easier in the future.

I created an article that’ll tell you which is the highest rated portable hot tub, this took a long time to write and had days of research put into it and is truly worth a read.

  • Off-Peak Heating

Check with your provider and find out when your off-peak heating is. If you have a well insulated hot tub you can do all the heating in that period and save large amounts of money.

  • Avoid using pool chemicals in your hot tub

You can get hot tub brands and they’re far better than using pool brands.

This is because pool chemicals are highly concentrated and meant to treat a large amount of water, hot tub chemicals are less concentrated and therefore safer for your small amounts of water.

  • Be careful of freezing

You should always be aware of outside temperatures and how cold your pool is, so always keep your hot tub on and if you see that it’s not maintaining heat due to cold weather then shut things down, drain, clean and cover until the weather improves.

If your hot tub freezes it’ll break the pumps and cause massive amounts of damage so it’s always a good idea to keep your eye on this and be prepared to act quickly if you notice anything.


hot tub

Looking after a hot tub is easy, but it has to be maintained. If you want something a little less permanent then it’s best to go for an inflatable hot tub as they’re easier to fill, store and take down.

Plus they’re around 20 x cheaper in price which is definitely a positive when it comes to saving money.

I think hot tubs are a beautiful way to spend relaxation time with friends and your partner and can completely transform your wellbeing with a nice warm jet massage (You can see the health benefits here).

If you have any questions then remember the comments are always open and we’re more than happy to help.



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