If you have a pool then it’s likely you want to protect it from dirt and keep it as new as possible.

You will want to protect the pool from calcium building up around the pool tiles and you won’t want to age your pool unnecessarily by neglecting to clean it.

In today’s guide, I’m going to teach you how to correctly clean your pool tiles, while keeping the rest of your pool nice and clear.

Best Pool Cleaning Techniques

tile cleaning equipment

First, you need to know how to clean your pool, now there are loads of guides on YouTube that will teach you exactly how to do this.

It usually involves getting a pool cleaning brush, brushing the outside of your pool, then grabbing a pool net and getting out any debris and finally hooking up the vacuum and vacuuming the bottom of your pool.

You then leave your skimmers on for around 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night.

You can see all that plus, get a little more information by checking out this video:

If you maintain this schedule then the amount you have to clean your tiles will go down, as most dirt build-up is down to not maintaining the pool.

Choosing The Right Pool Chemicals

After you clean your pool you need to be sure that you’re using the right pool chemicals.

The ones every pool needs are:

  • Chlorine

You most likely need to buy a chlorine floatation device and keep it stocked up with two or more chlorine tablets (usually lasts about a week).

This will keep your pool water treated, healthy and safe to swim in.

  • Shock

Shock is what people use to get their pool water crystal clear and bring it back from a green spell.

Basically if your pool water ever goes green you need to throw a load of shock in it, to send it back, but shock isn’t only used to turn green water to clear, it’s used to keep your pool clear all the time, so most people shock their pool twice a month depending on the size of your pool.

  • Anti-Algae

You can get multiple chemicals that stop algae build up.

Algae will age your pool and the tiles, so getting some anti-algae and dosing your pool with it once per week is a great idea.

Now there are a few more chemicals you can get, but it’s better if you see them in used in person so here is a YouTube video that will walk you through all the chemicals:

Best Pool Tile Cleaning Tools

Here are a few things you should arm yourself with while cleaning your pool tiles:

  • Calcium removing spray

If you go to your local pool cleaning shop they will help you find the perfect one for you.

You just spray it on the tiles and then use a brush to scrub away and remove any dirt and calcium build up.

  • A good bristle brush

The better quality, the easier it will be to clean that stubborn calcium and dirt off your tiles.

  • Scraper Tool

I don’t usually recommend using a scraper, but in certain situations, a scraper will work nicely at getting the stubborn dirt off your pool walls.

Tips And Tricks For Tile Cleaning

tile cleaning techniques

Now you know the basics to cleaning your pool tiles here are some time-saving tips that I really recommend.

– Shower 

Always take a quick shower before entering the pool, this will get off any bad chemicals you may have on your body that might affect the pool.

Things like suncream, makeup, deodorant and other oils cause massive issues for the pool pump and create a nasty residue on top of the pool water.

  • Don’t Wear Sun cream or Oil

If you’re going in a pool it’s key that you wash off suncream or sunbathing oil, these two products will cause multiple issues for your pool from scum build up, to a layer of oil on the top of your pool.

It also ages your pool pump and makes keeping your pool clean a harder job.

Just have a quick shower before and then re-apply once you leave the pool.

  • Scrub your pool weekly

It only takes about 10 minutes to grab a brush and brush around the side of your pool once a week.

This will help prevent buildup and is key during the summer months, once it gets to winter you can just use the pool brush to go around the side of the pool.

  • Get a pool cover

A simple pool cover will keep debris out of your pool, this will speed up the cleaning process and stop your pool from getting as dirty.

I recommend getting a solar pool cover if you want to add another 10 degrees to your pool temperature for free and spend less than $50 on the actual cover, it’s the way to go, here’s a list of the highest-rated solar covers.

How To Replace Broken Tiles

Once your tiles reach the point of no return it’s time to replace them and that’s a pretty big job, yet it’s a job anyone can do, as long as it’s just a few tiles (if you have multiple tiles it’s best to get a professional).

As it’s hard to explain in text how to change broken pool tiles here’s the video I used to guide me through the whole process:

Where To Buy Replacement Tiles

You may have watched that video and wondered where you actually buy extra pool tiles from?

Well, most of us will have some left over from when the pool was built, if you don’t then you can head down to your local pool shop and ask if they have any in stock.

The majority of us will just go online, you can buy replacement pool tiles in multiple online shops, eBay has to be my favorite place to get them from.

You can get 5 sheets of standard blue tiles for around $60, which isn’t cheap, but it’s far cheaper than some pool shops will offer.

I’ve done my best to fill this with as much info as I can, if you’re tired and want a nice way relax check out our article on the greatest portable jacuzzi, you can pop them up within 30 minutes and have beautiful warm water massages all year round.



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