If you’re getting ready to grab yourself an inflatable hot tub then I’m about to give you the lowdown on absolutely everything you need to know about the price of these hot tubs and other hidden costs.

By hidden costs I mean the change in your utility bills, hot tub covers and even the cost compared to a full-sized permanent hot tub.

The Average Price Of A Portable Hot Tub

price of a hot tub

You can buy a high quality, ready to use hot tub for around $359 – $400 on Amazon.

We actually did a lot of testing and found the best portable hot tub money can buy in that article.

The best will set you back about $350 – $500, but you can pay more for a portable hot tub, some go up to around $700 and some even go as low as $260.

How Much It Costs To Run An Inflatable Hot Tub

price to run a hot tub

The real price of a hot tub comes after you buy it and is in the form of the electric it takes to keep it heated.

Usually, hot tubs cost around $10 – $15 dollars per week to run which is $20 – $40 per month in electric.

However, that’s where I live and we have consistently warm weather. If you live in a country with snow in the winter and low temperatures in the summer it’s likely to be double that in costs to run.

You can lower the costs by always keeping it on, this sounds silly, but if it’s on it will use less electricity than if you let the water go cold and reheat it when you want to use it.

You can also lower the costs by always having the cover on it when you’re not using it, it will keep all of the heat inside which is a real money saver.

Last, you can inflate it on an insulated mat, in a position that avoids as much wind and harsh weather as possible.

Hot Tub Price Vs Portable

inflatable jaccuzi

Now, this is where it gets crazy.

The average price of a permanent hot tub is around 10 thousand dollars, sometimes a little extra once you get it installed.

That’s a lot more money than the inflatable tubs and really you’re only getting better seating, more room and stronger jets, is it really worth the extra $9,600?

Also, the running costs are usually around $20 – $50 per month depending on size and whether it’s inside or out.

You can also expect this to increase depending on the time of year.

Running costs there’s not a huge difference, it’s just the initial costs that will stop most people.

Best Selection Of Portable Hot Tubs

intex hot tub

If you’re looking to invest in a portable hot tub, then check out the ones we tested and see the highest rated portable hot tub, it’s really the best one available right now.

This also lowers down cost as the better hot tubs will hold more heat and be made of a better material that will help them last for 5 – 8 years instead of 1 – 2 years.

What You Should Know Before Buying An Inflatable Hot Tub

hidden cost of a pool

Now, I’m going to share some of the things I wish I knew about inflatable hot tubs that will help you make the correct decisions when buying one.

Portability Makes All The Difference

The nicest feeling is being able to empty your tub and not worry about it.

When you have a permanent tub you have to constantly treat the water and keep on top of it because the second you let it go it’ll become a nightmare.

It’s a far better option for people who enjoy traveling and don’t know when they are going to be too busy to look after the water.

It Takes Minutes To Setup

Most portable hot tubs will take around 10 – 30 minutes to fully setup and that’s just because you’ve got to wait for the pump to inflate it.

In terms of the work, you have to do it’s a matter of laying the jacuzzi out, placing the pump in it, inflating and then putting a hose in to fill it with water.

It’s that simple, far easier than the builders that are needed to install a full sized hot tub.

Don’t Install It Inside Your House Or On A Roof

People seem to think that hot tubs weigh around 500 pounds with water, when in fact once you add the water it’ll be around 3000 pounds and even more once you add humans.

This alone can break a roof, so don’t listen to anyone who says these can go on a top floor, they can’t and it will result in expensive damage.

As for keeping it inside, you will need to purchase a dehumidifier, they cost quite a lot and if you don’t your room will get damp and water damage that will again cost lots of money to fix.

There’s Health Benefits

If you use a hot tub daily there are loads of benefits that will improve your overall health and wellbeing.

The main benefit I noticed is that it’s an anti-stress machine, after a hard day there’s nothing better than jumping in the hot tub to relax for an hour, it stops my stress and unwinds me in time for bed.

You will also have an amazing nights sleep after using one of these before bed, on top of it being a great way to help joints and muscle pain.

You can even take a look at the health benefits in this LifeHack article.

Always Take Down When Not In Use

The worse thing you can do is stop treating your jacuzzi water and leave it to go green, it can age your hot tub and it’s far easier to drain it, store it away and then reinflate when the time has come, that will add years onto the life of it and will stop you having a small swamp in your yard.

You also need to pack everything away safe and dry and make sure it’s all together, there’s nothing worse than losing something and not being able to find it the next time you inflate the hot tub.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick rundown of how much a hot tub really costs and if you need any more advice or have any questions then you can always use the comments below, I do my best to answer them.




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