My bridal shower is coming up in a couple weeks! I’m beyond excited for some girl time with the women closest to me. We’ve kicked up the planning into high-gear making crafting lists, seating charts, and menus. I know I probably shouldn’t be so involved in this, but I just can’t help myself. Wherever there’s a party, I want to be involved. I just get so much joy out of it, I kind of forget that it’s for me.

Here’s the inspiration board for the bridal shower. I’m actually not that much of a “pink person”, but this time, it just seemed right. And gold… always, gold.

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If you’ve been following along with my BIG DAY Pinboard, you’ve probably noticed a theme… succulents and gold. Succulents are earthy, gold is glamorous… together they are wedding decor perfection as far as I’m concerned! Of course I would love to claim 100% originality for this theme, but of course that’s not true. Each one of these pictures represents a specific craft or DIY project I’ll be doing in the next few months. Let me explain…

Sequin Table Runners // My mom and I bought 6 yards of the most amazing quarter sized gold sequin fabric last weekend. We’ll be creating table runners for our long farmer tables.

Glitter Mason Jars // I really wanted to avoid mason jars in my wedding… It’s so over done, and I’m not into the “shabby chic” look. However, our venue requires a specific candle holder size, and it happens to be exactly the same size as a mason jar. I’m hoping that with some gold glitter we can glam these jars up a big.

Gold Leaf Terra Cotta Pots // One of the easiest projects on my list is to paint some gold leaf on plain old terra cotta pots!

Mini Succulent Favors & Place Cards // Each of our guests will have a little plant (in a gold leafed terra cotta pot) on their place setting. I’m also going to create a flag with their name on it so they’ll know where to sit!

Wooden Box Centerpieces // My mom and I found a guy in an ally downtown that will make us 50 of these beautiful wood boxes for a bargin! Then we’re going to fill them ourselves with plants.

We better get busy! Thank goodness for moms, dads, fiancés and bridesmaids!

Sep 13, 2012

Since M and I have both lived on our own for a while, we have plenty of furniture to bring into our new home. But some key elements are missing, and some items need an upgrade. We have been shopping and making wishlists and I’m happy to say things are coming together! That white pendent lamp below? Now hanging in our dining room. That Orla Kiely bedding? Well, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m close! M really wants an Eames lounge chair like the one below. That’s further down the list, but I’d love to have one too!

All this dreaming and planning is nice, but I just wish we could get in the space and start decorating already! One more week of packing… one more week…

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Aug 01, 2012

My friend is getting married next fall so I thought I’d pull together some inspiration for her. To me, autumn seems like a harder time of year to plan a wedding around. I’m not a fan of the traditional dark reds, and golds, nor the expected hay bails and apples… boring and uninspired.

I love how these 4 photos below reinvent the fall wedding—fresh flowers, romantic lighting, and dark woods to warm it up. Throw in some wine bottles and what could be more beautiful?

Images sourced from Pinterest   //   1   //   2   //   3   //   4