I’m not sure what prompted me to buy this book on Amazon a couple months ago. I think I just wanted to know more about Coco Chanel. She’s such an icon, and I didn’t know anything about her. This short book was the perfect introduction.

I love the way Karbo structured the book. It’s broken up into 12 chapters, each explaining Chanel’s philosophy on a single subject—On Style, On Femininity, On Love, etc.—spanning her entire life. It really painted a broad yet detailed portrait of a very complicated lady.

I really love reading biographies. I love the way they can trasport you like a novel, but you learn something real and factual at the same time. While reading this book, Chanel more than once reminded me of my maternal grandmother. She was petit, principled, and fierce—also a big Chanel fan I learned later. I love making those kinds of connections.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Any biographies you recommend?

Jan 24, 2013

I was very inspired by the President’s speech on Monday. It was a nice coincidence that we were also celebrating Martin Luther King. This quote is not from his inauguration speech, but back from 2008 during his first campaign. So much has happened since then, but I still love this empowering quote.

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Jan 11, 2013

Lordy… things are moving fast over here. We are moments away from booking our venue, and after that the caterer and photographer. All of our top picks are available on our day of choice, so it’s just a matter of making sure everything fits in our budget. It’s a tad bit overwhelming.

Here’s some typographic encouragement for my hectic weekend ahead, and for any other brides to be out there in the same wedding planning daze.



Nov 07, 2012

Now that I’m self employed, I’ve been learning a lot about work/life balance. One thing that still alludes me sometimes is the motivation to stay at my computer and work. Honestly, it’s really nice to go read a book or go shopping when I’m feeling like computer overload. But on the other hand, I need to keep working in order to support myself (and all the shopping).

I’m feeling uninspired today and I’m not sure why. I took a look around Pinterest for some motivation and found a couple pieces to share in case you’re in a similar funk.

365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 297 // Lisa Congdon

Don’t Think So Hard, A Manifesto // haleycue

Sep 26, 2012

After only being fulltime freelance for a month, I already have my hands full of work! It’s amazing, and I feel so blessed… but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. I’m still figuring all this out—how to bill clients, how to schedule my time, how to keep track of all the details, how not to procrastinate… (darn you Pinterest!) Being my own boss means there’s no one to remind me that a client needs mock ups, or to send that follow up email, or to make sure I get paid! Ultimately I know this will be the best thing for my future happiness, I just have to iron out the kinks.

Any full time freelancers out there? How do you keep things from falling through the cracks? Any wise words you’d like to share? I’d love your tips.

Sourced from my WORD pinboard // If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door // Believe you can & you’re half way there.

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Sep 12, 2012

Hello September, and hello big change! I lost my job, started freelancing full time and now I’m moving in with my boyfriend of 3+ years. Craziness. But it’s all so good. I am excited for what the future has in store.

CS Lewis quote   //   Come In We’re Stoked sign (I just bought this for our new home office!)

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Aug 22, 2012

I’m going on vacation next week! This summer has been exhausting, so I can’t wait to actually relax. And given the unfortunate news from last week, a little break is exactly what I need. I’ll be completely out of contact (on a boat!) so I’m scheduling a bunch of goodies for you while I’m away!

I hope you guys will be able to check out for a bit before the summer if officially over! Here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Sourced from my Word PinboardSorry   // Adventure

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Jul 04, 2012

I hope everyone is out in the sunshine today, enjoying food and family. Before I head out to do the same, I wanted to share a couple quotes to inspire us all to take advantage of our independence—to live life to the fullest each and every day. Happy Independence Day!

As alwaus, Images sourced from Pinterest   //   Image   //   Image

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You guys, yesterday was the first day of summer, so you know what this means… it’s time for barbecues, sandals, camping, popsicles, dresses, and warm nights under the stars. As if you need any more inspiration, here are a few typographic pieces to kick off this wondrous season, all sourced from Pinterest of course.

Happy Summer!!!

Image   //   Image   //   Image

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Jun 13, 2012

Dads are some of the wisest people around. They seem to always have a life lesson or a story to share, and know just what you need to hear when you need to hear it. Here are some wise words I can just hear my dad saying.

These quotes and much more, sourced from my Word Pinboard.

Image // Image